The Unit W Will Digitally Release 5 Songs

The unit or group called “W” is planning on digitally releasing five songs including the song called “Choiwaru Devil” on March 30th 2019 which for those of us living in the United States is tomorrow.

Ai Kago & Nozomi Tsuji of the unit W. Photo source: Arama Japan

W is the unit that was formed by Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji, two members of the 4th generation of Morning Musume. Included in this digital release is the song called  “Dounimo Tomaranai” was scheduled to be released back in 2006 and three songs from their album called “W3:faithful” were also scheduled to be released later in 2006.

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W will be making a comeback after 13 years at the Hello! Project sponsored event called ‘”Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project Hina Fes 2019.” The event will be held at the venue called Makuhari Messe on March 30th 2019. The track listing is as follows:

1. Choiwaru Devil
2. Dounimo Tomaranai?Yamamoto Linda?
3. Harusaki Kobeni?Yano Akiko?
4. Kojin Jugyou?Finger 5?
5. Uchi ni Kagitte Sonna Koto wa Nai Hazu??????????????????Moritaka Chisato?

eri kamei thanks hot bikini

Is Eri Kamei Your Favorite Morning Musume Member?

I’d like to ask all of you a question? Is Eri Kamei your favorite Morning Musume member? For me, Eri is now my favorite Morning Musume member but for the longest time, my favorite member of this generation had been Miki Fujimoto. Kamei who is now 30 years old has pretty much retired from the entertainment industry which is a big blow for Morning Musume but her volume of work with the group is very impressive! She has released awesome photo books such as 17SAI, Maple & Thanks! which was her last photo book release prior to her graduation.

eri kamei thanks hot bikini
Eri Kamei during the making of her 2010 photo book called Thanks! which is her best one.
This video is a look back at all of the solo lines that Eri did during her career with Morning Musume.

Morning Musume 14 Japan Changes

Morning Musume 14 Japan Changes #1: Kei Yasuda biography is no longer here

Morning Musume Japan Changes #2: all of the information about the single called Morning Coffee is now on my other website Asian Celebs Hut. Due to commitments with work & school there may not be as many updates on this page as some of you would like to see but I will definitely update this page as often as I can.

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As a special surprise for my subscribers, here is a video for the song called “The Manpower” off of the group’s 2006 studio album called Rainbow 7! Have a great day!!


What is Morning Musume 19?

In the first part of this series, I wrote about the active state of girl group Morning Musume 19 and here we go with Morning Musume 19 part 2. This part will be about what is Morning Musume 19 and how the group came to be known by its present name.

What is Morning Musume 19?

Morning Musume 19 is the name of the dance pop music group that was once known as Morning Musume from 1997 through 2013. The group’s producer TSUNKU decided that the group’s name should be changed to Morning Musume 14 in 2014, Morning Musume 15 in 2015 and so on.

But many fans will always remember the group simply as Morning Musume. So how did the group get to this point where they are now named Morning Musume 19? It actually goes back to the year 2013.

A photo of the members of Morning Musume 19 including Chisaki Morito their newest member. Source: hello-online picture board.

TSUNKU announced that the name change was being made so that fans could know what single was released in what year. At the end of 2013, the group was 16 years old and they had survived the scandal of Miki Fujimoto, the injuries of Aika Mitsui, and the departures of long-time members Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki.

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Morning Musume 19 Part 2: The Group Reaches Massive Commercial Success!

It would be in September 2013 that the group would achieve massive success once again. Their 54th single called Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan got the #1 ranking in sales during its first week of release! It was the highest selling single of any of the Hello! Project associated groups in 2013. It was the group’s highest selling single since 2002’s Koko ni Iruzee! The English title for the song would be Selfish Easy Going Jokes of Love / “Gundan” of the Love. On January 29, 2014, the group would release their 55th single called What is Love. This would be their first single under the name of Morning Musume 14. The single was an instant success reaching #1 on the Oricon weekly music charts. It was the 4th straight #1 single for the group and the longest such streak in the group’s history.


It would be in March 2014 that auditions were held again to choose the members for the 12th generation. Sakura Oda was the only one that was chosen for the 11th generation. On April 16, 2014, as Morning Musume 14 they released the 56th single called Password is 0. The single was another #1 hit on the Oricon weekly music charts.


So there is a brief history of how the girl group known as Morning Musume is now known by their current name.


The members of Morning Musume 19 also were involved in various fun activities such as posing in bikinis for the recording of the Alo Hello 7 DVD. That was when the group was known by the name of Morning Musume 15.

Sayumi Michishige “Dream” Photo Book Pics

As promised, here are the photo book pics for Sayumi Michishige’s photo book “Dream.” The photo book was released on July 13, 2018 which was the same day as her 29th birthday. This photo book was the last photo book that she released in her 20’s. 2019 is the year that Michishige will turn 30! Time goes by fast doesn’t it? Without further delay, let’s get started with these awesome pics! Sayumi still shows her cuteness to a degree but at 29, she shows her maturity and she looks really good! If you thought that the photo book Blue Rose was good (which it was), Dream takes it a step futher, showing that Sayumi has a pretty good bikini body but she’s not as sexy as Yuko Nakazawa. Even so, Sayumi is just… well so cute!!!

sayumi michishige dream photo book sexy bikini image

Sayumi has her back turned on this one but the view from the beach is amazing!!

Sayumi Michishige Dream Photo book black dress

She’s got a black dress in this one but still very sophisticated and beautiful!


This one may be the best one of the photo session that shows Sayumi relaxing poolside!


She is sitting down here but still she is cute!!!


Posing for a photo in the sun.


Sayumi you are so beautiful now!


A back view of Sayumi Michishige and this one is well… sexy and hot!!! She has really matured and grown up.



Ayumi Ishida “Ishida Ayumi” Photo Book Pics

Here comes another set of photos from a Morning Musume photo book and this time it is the photo book called Ishida Ayumi by Ayumi Ishida from the girl group Morning Musume 19. This one is the singer’s first solo photo book and it was released on July 15, 2013. I write this post with the deepest sense of gratitude for what Ishida has done since she joined the group. Even as a 16 year-old back in 2013, Ishida showed her charm, sexiness, and her very high level of cuteness! The photos were taken on the island of Guam and let’s just say, this is the most fun that Ayumi had in her life at the time. The photo session sees Ishida Ayumi trying to run on the track or even swimming laps in the pool! She also displays her bikini body even if she is not as sexy as Yuko Nakazawa. Ayumi seems to have a more cheerful, friendly personality! I have thanked Ayumi Ishida once and then again last year as a member of Morning Musume 18. Ishida turned 22 earlier this month and what can I say? She will always be my favorite member of the 10th generation. I love you Ayumi!


ishida ayumi, photobook-389690

Ayumi Ishida of Morning Musume in a one piece swimsuit.

ishida ayumi, photobook-418295ishida ayumi, photobook-418698ishida ayumi, photobook-418776ishida ayumi, photobook-429525

ishida ayumi, photobook-389358

Source of all images: Hello Online

Eri Kamei THANKS Photo Book Images Part 2

Once again, here is a post dedicated to Eri Kamei which some of you already know is my favorite 6th generation member of Morning Musume. Her last photo book as a member of Morning Musume called THANKS was released in 2010 before she finally graduated from the group. This last one is really good because she shows us that she has a great bikini body! This was the best way for Kamei to finish off her career with Morning Musume even though it ended because of health reasons. Even so, these bikini pics are simply stunning!

eri-kamei-thanks photo book hot bikini pic

The first of these bikini pics sees Eri Kamei sitting on the sand. If you thought this one is good it is about to get even better!

eri kamei thanks photo book part 2 hot bikini

Eri Kamei is standing this time and posing with her back sort of turned but I have to say: can she get any more beautiful than this?

eri-kamei-blue bikini thanks photo book

This is the best photo of the session and she really shows what kind of awesome body she has. She could give some of these celebrities some serious competition!