Japanese idol singer Rika Ishikawa was also a member of the group Country Musume

Most fans of Japanese pop music singer Rika Ishikawa will remember her as being a 4th generation member of the girl group Morning Musume. Yes, this beautiful singer from Kanagawa was a member of that group but she was also a member of the Hello! Project unit called Country Musume. Ishikawa was in Country Musume from 2001until the summer of 2003. During that time, the leader of the group was Rinne Toda. After Toda graduated from the group in 2002, Asami Kimura took over as leader of Country Musume. But while Ishikawa was busy performing in both Country Musume and Morning Musume, she received a part in Morning Musume’s 12th single called “The Peace!” Ishikawa did not sing on the song but she had a spoken part near the end of the song. The Peace! became a favorite of Ishikawa’s and she says that the spoken part near the end of the song is one of her favorite moments of being involved with Morning Musume. As of the end of 2013, Morning Musume is now called Morning Musume 14. Ishikawa would leave Country Musume in 2003 with the entry of Miuna Saitou. Rika Ishikawa is best known for being in Morning Musume at the same time as Ai Kago, Nozomi Tsuji, and her friend Hitomi Yoshizawa. Ishikawa has also acted in movies. Some of her roles were in movies such as Pinch Runner (2000), Seventeen (2003), and Yo-Yo Girl Cop (2006). Ishikawa sings on Country Musume’s debut album called Country Musume Daizenshuu 1. It is a decent pop music album to listen to but it is not as exciting as the songs written by Morning Musume or AKB48. This debut album was released in December 2001.

In August 2014, Ishikawa revealed that she is dating Ryoma Nogami, a baseball player who plays for the Saitama Seibu Lions. This is the first romance for Ishikawa. Rika Ishikawa is what is known as a Japanese idol singer. These people usually start working in the industry in their teenage years and are supposed to present an image of being very cute. They hold regular performances on stage in theaters. They meet and greet fans, and they are also supposed to dress up in a certain way. They also wear the traditional Japanese school girl uniforms. But one thing that they are not allowed to do when they are a member of these idol groups is to date someone romantically. Groups such as Morning Musume and AKB48 have a no dating policy. Rika Ishikawa has been in the entertainment industry since 2000 and she is still active and doing well. She is also one of the most beautiful Japanese pop music singers out there. I would say that Ishikawa has a more beautiful kind of look to her whereas singers like Ai Kago or Makoto Ogawa have more of a cute kind of look. Nonetheless, throughout its history, Morning Musume has had many popular Japanese idols and Rika Ishikawa is one of my favorites!

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