I have written about so many Morning Musume girls. Some of these members are:



The next one that will be introduced is Mizuki Fukumura. This is not a straightforward biography about her but it will address the details about her first solo photo book called MIZUKI which is amazing.

mizuki fukumura mizuki photo book

Morning Musume 16 member Mizuki Fukumura poses in a yellow bikini for her photo book MIZUKI.

Mizuki Fukumura is a 9th generation member of pop music group Morning Musume (now known as Morning Musume 16 because of the name changes). In May 2013, she released her first photo book called MIZUKI. The photo book was shot on the island of Guam. The photo shoot shows Mizuki being engaged in a number of activities such as playing basketball and doing cycling. Mizuki has been playing basketball since she was a child. Mizuki is also shown dressed as a waitress. Mizuki also does body boarding in the ocean. Mizuki is described as having the gentle cuteness of a normal girl. But there are also shots of her dressed in a bikini which are absolutely fabulous because I have seen them!

Some Perspective About the MIZUKI Photo Book Shot In Guam

Former JKT48 singer Aki Takajo also was in Guam back in 2011 when she did a photo shoot as well. The cover shows Mizuki dressed in a sailor’s uniform and she has her head tilted so that she can look at the camera. The image itself shows Mizuki’s nice eyes and gives her the elegance that she needs in order to attract fans all around the world. Known as Fuku-chan, Mizuki was born on October 30, 1996 in Tokyo. She joined Morning Musume in January 2011 and she is the leader of the group having replaced Sayumi Michishige. When the photo book was done Mizuki Fukumura was just 16 years old. She described herself as feeling nervous because this was her first solo photo book. The photo book took three days of filming. Mizuki wore a red waitress outfit that was inspiration for what Eri Kamei once wore. Mizuki says that her favorite bikini that she wore during filming was the emerald green bikini. Here are a few photos from that photo session!

Fukumura Mizuki, Photobook-373683Fukumura Mizuki, Photobook-373995Fukumura Mizuki, Photobook-378792

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