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Sayaka Ichii is pregnant with her fourth child

Sayaka Ichii who is now 32 years old announced that she is pregnant for a fourth time! Ichii announced via social networking site Instagram that she is due to give birth sometime in the spring of 2017. She said that it is her intention to spend each day with family and to never forget the importance of life and all the miracles that it brings. These days with so many unfortunate events happening in the world, this latest pregnancy of a former Morning Musume member is a really positive news story. Ichii’s first marriage was to CUBIC CROSS guitarist Naoki Yoshizawa in 2004. Ichii’s oldest daughter was born in August 2004 and her 2nd daughter was born in May 2007. However, in May 2011, Ichii and Yoshizawa divorced. Ichii made news in 2012 when she married a 37 year-old hairdresser. She gave birth to her 3rd child, a son in 2013. Ichii is not the only former Morning Musume member to give birth to more than one child. Former member Miki Fujimoto gave birth to a son Toranosuke in 2013 and gave birth to a daughter in August 2015.


In a display of elegance and sexiness, Sayaka Ichii shows that she can compete with other Morning Musume members in terms of physical beauty! This photo of Ichii is from the famous men’s magazine called Sabra.

Ichii has been leading a somewhat low key lifestyle since her departure from Morning Musume. She did make news in 2014 when she announced that she had submitted an application for the Otona AKB48 Audition. This was part of the process of selecting members ages 30 and older to become a member of the idol group Ofuro 48 for a short time. Ichii however did not win the audition. Even so, Ichii is one of my favorite members of Morning Musume. She is one of the hottest Morning Musume members! She released a photo book called Self on February 10, 2002. The photo book shows Ichii relaxing poolside while in showing her beautiful body dressed in a one-piece swimsuit! Congratulations to Sayaka Ichii and may she be blessed!

Natsumi Abe is Stunning in Her Photo book Fin No Hito

Natsumi Abe is stunning in her photo book called Fin No Hito. Fin no Hito is the 12th photo book released by former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe. Fin no Hito was released in 2015. The photos for the book were taken in Finland’s capital Helsinki. I saw the photos of the book and I was instantly impressed! The photo book shows Abe exploring Helsinki on foot, sitting at the bus station or just relaxing in her hotel room as she displays her incredibly sexy body while dressed in lingerie!  She is definitely more beautiful than former Morning Musume band leader Yuko Nakazawa! If you didn’t think that Natsumi Abe was hot as heck before, then you will now! Here is the best photo of the entire session!

Fin no Hito is the first photo book for Abe since the release of her photo book Subway five years ago as of this update I used to think that Asuka Fukuda was the prettiest member of Morning Musume’s first generation but now I would say that my favorite from this generation is Natsumi Abe for sure! She is known as Abe Natsumi in Japan. Abe is now also a solo singer. On August 13, 2014 Abe released her self-cover album called Smile. The album has 10 songs and they were rearranged and re-recorded to show the history of this pop music singer and actress. She celebrated her 35th birthday in August 2016 but before that, she showed that she could still be beautiful and compete with women that are younger than her! It would be a disservice if I did not give credit to Natsumi on this site!

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Singer and stage actress Natsumi Abe kneels down near a bouquet of flowers in the city of Helsinki. Even when she is not dressed in lingerie or a bikini she is still hot as heck! She is my favorite of the first five girls to join Morning Musume.