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Eri Kamei-Japanese Idol Singer And Member of Morning Musume

Who is Eri Kamei?

  • Date of birth: December 23, 1988
  • Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn

Eri Kamei during the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Autumn. Source: unless otherwise noted.

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Kamei also has her own version of the Morning Musume song Kimagure Princess.


Eri Kamei in a bikini for her photo book called THANKS!


What makes Eri Kamei interesting?

  • She has the special skill of arguing.
  • Her hobby is watching the concert DVDs of other artists.
  • Her favorite colors are black, pink, and white.
  • Her favorite phrase is Good Night.
  • She enjoys eating pasta, udon, ramen, and soba.
  • Her motto is You are yourself! Don’t compare yourself!

Kamei has also released many photo books. They are Kamei Eri, DAYS, 17Sai, Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket, MAPLE, ERI, 20 Hatachi, Sweet, Eririn, and THANKS. Below are some of these photos from her photo books. I will be adding some more to the gallery as time permits.

Note: I am in the process of restructuring some content so some information about Eri Kamei will now be on Asian Celebs Hut. See you there when you vsit!

Coming Soon: Eri Kamei 6th Generation Member

What’s up everyone?
Coming soon is going to be a post about Eri Kamei.

Photo source:

eri kamei japanese idol thanks photo book

Eri Kamei looks stunning in this photo from her 2010 photo book called Thanks. Can she get any hotter?

Of all the Morning Musume members that I have written about, Eri is one of those that I have not written about yet. This blog has come pretty far since the one of the very first posts that I wrote about Reina Tanaka’s graduation in 2013. But what you will see soon is a tribute to Kamei. She was part of the 6th generation of members. Joining her in that generation were three other girls:

Miki Fujimoto (legal name Miki Shoji since March 2009)

Sayumi Michishige (she recently announced that she will be resuming her activities)

and of course Reina Tanaka who graduated in May 2013

These three members made their debut on January 19, 2003. Kamei, now 28, is one of the most beautiful members of Morning Musume while members like Nozomi Tsuji are among the least attractive of the members. Kamei is just so beautiful and she also has a very cute kind of look. You will see what she is like soon!

morning musume members pic

Morning Musume Releases Triple A-Side Single

Japanese girl group Morning Musume 17 announced that they would be releasing their first single in six months at the time called “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteru / Yugure wa Amegari / Ima Kokokara” on April 15, 2014. I know that this is old news but it is still significant.

The group formerly known as Morning Musume until the end of 2013 now has a new band leader Mizuki Fukumura. Fukumura, 20, took over the duty of band leader after the graduation of former sixth generation member Sayumi Michishige in November 2014. The single was the first one for the four members of the 12th generation. There was only one member for the group’s 11th generation and that is Sakura Oda. The announcement for the new single was made during a performance called Hello! Project 2015 Winter Dance Mode! The concert was held at ORIX Theater in Osaka, Japan on February 15, 2014. There are six different types for this single, limited editions A, B, C, and D and regular editions A and B.

morning musume members pic

From left to right: Kanon Suzuki, Ayumi Ishida, and Mizuki Fukumura.

As for Fukumura, much has happened for her that has allowed her to achieve success in such a short time. Fukumura appeared as a model for the magazine called Young Gangan at the start of 2014. She released her second photo book called Utakata in June 2014 and followed that up with a solo DVD called Pancake which was released in August 2014. The photo book Utakata is the second solo photo book for this Tokyo native and is the follow-up to her debut called MIZUKI released in May 2013. MIZUKI was done on the island of Guam.

There are so many things that we could say about Morning Musume from the milestones reached involving certain members or special events such as the group meeting to discuss the release of the photo book called “Morning Musume Live Photo Book 2012: Fall: Colorful Character” or the graduation of prominent members such as Reina Tanaka or Risa Niigaki. Another notable event in the group’s history occurred when now former member and band leader Sayumi Michishige turned 21 years old on July 13, 2010 and she got over 4,000 comments from fans who left messages on her blog!

It was also announced that sub-leader and the oldest member Haruna Iikubo will have the responsibility of being the Kyouikugakari or educator of the group. As part of her job, she is responsible for teaching new members the proper manners and etiquette and the tradition of the group. 13 generations later, this girl group is still active recording singles and performing. Morning Musume is still awesome as a group even though they have now been overtaken in popularity by AKB48. I mentioned earlier how this group were active under the name of Morning Musume 15 in 2015. The group’s members appeared in a photo shoot for Alo-Hello! dressed in bikinis and relaxing on the beach! This triple A-side single that was released is the follow-up to their previous single called “Tiki Bun / Shabadaba Du / Mikaeri Bijin.” It will be the group’s 58th single. The group performed their activities under the name Morning Musume 16 in 2016.



Ayumi Ishida Japanese Idol Bikini Okinawa!

Here is Japanese idol Ayumi Ishida in a bikini for her 3rd solo photo book! These awesome pictures were taken while she was in Okinawa! The photo book is called It’s My Turn. It’s My Turn was released on June 27, 2016 and  the book continues in a special tradition of having Japanese idols spend time in warm places. Ishida turned 20 years old on January 7, 2017 and she now has three photo books to her credit!

ayumi ishida japanese idol hot bikini

You are very beautiful yourself Ayumi!

ayumi ishida japanese idol bikini hot

A great side view of Ayumi in a bikini! totally hot!!

ayumi ishida japanese idol morning musume 17 bikini hot

Ayumi running through the water! She’s having the time of her life and isn’t that all that matters? Oh yeah!


Ayumi hiding in among the nature.

ayumi ishida bikini hot morning musume 17

Ayumi poses for a photo wearing her best bikini of the session!

This is not the first time that a Morning Musume member has done a photo book session in a warm weather place. Mizuki Fukumura did the photo session for her first photo book MIZUKI in Guam. Ishida is so beautiful that I think I would rate her right up there with Natsumi Abe. Abe turned 35 years old in August 2016 and she released her photo book Fin No Hito! Fin No Hito has the former Morning Musume babe posing in sexy lingerie, walking around the city of Helsinki, or waiting for a train. Natsumi Abe is absolutely stunning in that photo book!


Ayumi Ishida: can you say the word goddess? She is really something!

Risa Niigaki Ascension Photo Book Sexy Bikini Pics

Ascension is the last photo book released by Risa Niigaki when she was still a member of Morning Musume. These bikini pics of the former Morning Musume babe are absolutely awesome! I know that we are in 2017 and these photos were taken in 2012 but Risa is not only a person that is really cute but she shows that she can be sexy as well!


The Lovely Risa Niigaki on the cover of her photo book Ascension.


This one makes Risa look even sexier! She’s got great legs wouldn’t you say?


Risa still shows she’s one of the cutest girls of Morning Musume in this photo. It is a yellow bikini with gray stripes.

The photos for Ascension were taken on the island of Okinawa. The photo book was released on April 27, 2012. Risa Niigaki then graduated from Morning Musume on May 18, 2012 after being with the group for more than 10 years.

risa niigaki asian bikini idol morning musume

Risa Niigaki looks on as she is in an awesome yellow and gray bikini.



One of the hottest photos of any Morning Musume girl I’ve ever seen! Risa is a total babe!


Risa Niigaki seen here in a gorgeous pink floral bikini! Hot!


What’s the matter Risa? You still look fabulous in that bikini!

And now here is perhaps the best photo of the entire set!


Risa Niigaki shows her awesome abs in this photo as she is relaxing perhaps after a swim. She may not be the prettiest Morning Musume member but she is in my top 5 for sure!

Niigaki married actor Yoshikazu Kotani on July 11, 2016. She is one of several former Morning Musume members to get married. Of all the members that have gotten married, Mari Yaguchi, Ai Kago, and Sayaka Ichii have divorced. However, Sayaka Ichii got married for a second time in August 2012 to a 37 year-old hairdresser. I hope that Niigaki will have a very happy marriage.  Risa has been involved in some very interesting moments in her life!

ayumi ishida morning musume it's my turn bikini sexy shot

Coming Soon: Ayumi Ishida It’s My Turn Photo Book Images

With Ayumi Ishida having turned 20 years old on January 7, 2017, I thought that I would take the opportunity to talk about her 3rd photo book called It’s My Turn. It’s My Turn was released on June 27, 2016. The photos were taken on the island of Guam and in Miyagi Prefecture, the area of her birth. Guam is also the place where former JKT48 and AKB48 idol Aki Takajo was seen back in 2011 as she was swimming laps in the pool! But this is obviously about Ayumi Ishida who is now my favorite member of Morning Musume 17.

Ishida has released two other photo books Ishida Ayumi (2013) and Shine More (2014). Stay tuned for some awesome pics!

Nozomi Tsuji 4th Generation Member Of Morning Musume


Nozomi Tsuji seen here in this 2006 photo.

Japan has many famous pop music singers and Nozomi Tsuji is another one of them. Along with Ai Kago, whom she is considered by many people to be a twin because of her similar looks, Nozomi was once part of the fourth generation of the famous female pop music group Morning Musume. She graduated or moved on from Morning Musume in 2004. Prior to being a solo artist within what is known as the Hello! Project, Nozomi was the band leader for the group called W. She is currently under contract with the famous Up-Front agency. She was also with the band Morning Musume OG, a subunit of the famous group. She goes by several nicknames including Nono and Tsuji-chan. I used too think that she should have been called the “Angel of Japan” instead of Aki Hoshino.


Nozomi Tsuji (left) is pictured here with Mari Yaguchi during a photo session for Hello! Project. On second thought, I think Yaguchi may be prettier than Tsuji.



Nozomi Tsuji was born on June 17, 1987 in Tokyo. She is really short standing only at 151 centimeters. When she is not involved with singing, Nozomi enjoys cooking in her spare time. She has a great stage presence and is a great dancer. She can really move around the stage with the greatest of ease.


Interesting Facts about Nozomi Tsuji


  • She is really skilled at playing volleyball.
  • She is strongest in math while she says that her weakest subject has always been English. This is in spite of the fact that she started receiving English lessons when she was a teenager.
  • Nozomi’s favorite colors are pink, white, and orange.
  • Her favorite flower is the sunflower.
  • Her favorite seasons are spring and summer.
  • Nozomi believes that a person should always be cheerful and smile.
  • Her favorite foods are chocolate ice cream and yams.
  • She dislikes natto and shellfish.
  • She loves Tokyo Disneyland and continues to visit the place regularly. Also, there are many areas of her and her husband’s apartment that are decorated using a Disney theme.
  • She has the ability to ride a unicycle and she can even pause and turn.
  • In an interview in 2004, she stated that pop singer Aya Matsuura is her rival.

Nozomi Tsuji And Her Career

Nozomi’s musical career goes all the way back to 2000 when she was part of the fourth generation of Morning Musume with Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, and Ai Kago. Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji went on to form the group called “W” upon their departure from Morning Musume.

However, when Ai Kago was caught twice for underage smoking, the group was automatically disbanded and Ai Kago’s contract came to an end. She then started on her solo work. Her first single was a remake of the song “Koko ni Iruzee!” which was used for the opening theme of the anime “Robby and Kerobby.” In May 2007, Nozomi became engaged to actor Taiyo Sugiura and at the time was two months pregnant with his child. She stopped all of her entertainment related activities to focus on her personal life. The following month, she and her husband made their marriage official by registering it. In July 2007, they held a ceremony but it was for close family members only and there was no reception. In November 2007, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Noa. Nozomi then changed her legal name to Nozomi Sugiura but will continue to use the name Nozomi Tsuji.


Nozomi Tsuji (left center) is pictured here with Japanese idols Yui Okada (left), Rika Ishikawa, and Erika Miyoshi who were part of the group called Biyuden.

In 2009, Nozomi started her own blog and it was an immediate success staying in the #1 ranking on the charts consistently. And this was also the first time that any official photos were seen of her since her break from working. She also was in the group called “the Elder Club” and she attended their graduation ceremony. After that graduation and even before, Nozomi has appeared on a few radio shows as well as a few TV programs. This includes the famous one called “Hello! Morning” that she was a regular member of from 2000-2007. Nozomi Tsuji has also played in a theatrical performance of “Ribbon no Kishi The Musical.” She recently announced that she is pregnant with her third child which will be a boy. She is expected to give birth sometime in the spring of 2013. Tsuji also gave birth to another baby boy named Seia in December 2010. She named him Seia because on the day that he was born, the sky was blue.


Tsuji is pictured here with the very beautiful Kei Yasuda (right) of Chiba, Japan. Yasuda used to be my favorite member of the second generation but now I prefer Sayaka Ichii. Nonetheless, Ichii and Yasuda are both two of the prettiest Morning Musume babes!

It was in October 2013 that Tsuji was transferred to the agency called UP-Front Create. Over a month later on November 14th, she started a new production brand of clothing for children called Saruru. In April 2015, Tsuji joined a group called Datsumo Musume along with Ai Takahashi and Mari Yaguchi. They are under the management of Datsumo Labo for for promotion of their hair removal services. Tsuji is somewhat cute but she is still one of the lesser attractive Morning Musume members. But it is really nice to see that she is still busy even after leaving Morning Musume.

Source of images: unless otherwise noted.