Japanese idol Ayumi Ishida Turns 20

Ayumi Ishida, the Japanese idol singer from Sendai and a member of the girl group Morning Musume 17 will be celebrating her 20th birthday on January 7th. Yes that is true! And for those of you that are wondering, Morning Musume is now going to do their activities under the name Morning Musume 17. The group was known as Morning Musume 16 in 2016 and Morning Musume 15 in 2015.


Ayumi Ishida, member of the girl group Morning Musume 17 who is smiling! She has one of the most beautiful smiles I have seen!

Note: the group that Ayumi Ishida is now a part of is called Morning Musume 19.

5 thoughts on “Japanese idol Ayumi Ishida Turns 20

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