Aika Mitsui Morning Musume Singer Actress and Bikini Model

aika mitsui hello! project 2011

Aika Mitsui Profile

  • Date of birth: January 12, 1993
  • Place of birth: Shiga, Japan
  • Daughter of Yasuo Mitsui who is a Buddhist monk
aika mitsui morning musume
Aika Mitsui in 2007 for Morning Musume.

Aika Mitsui is a former member of the girl group Morning Musume from 2006 through 2012. However, joining Morning Musume would be no easy task as it took three rounds for Aika to be successful. In the first round, she sang Ayumi Hamasaki’s song Blue Bird. In the second and third rounds, she sang the songs Furusato and Osaka Koi no Uta. Her debut single with Morning Musume was the song called Egao YES Nude. The song was released on February 14, 2007. Mitsui’s first public appearance came during the last round of the Hello! Project winter concert tour. That event took place on January 27-28 at Saitama Super Arena.  She was seen on a small segment of the show called Hello! Morning. There was a press conference in which Mitsui revealed that she really admired former member Koharu Kusumi and that she wanted to equal or surpass in charm. In October 2007, Mitsui was placed in the group/unit called Athena & Robikerottsu. Joining her in that group would be Chisato Okai, Saki Nakajima, and Risa Niigaki. Mitsui would miss some time in 2008 due to having contracted acute appendicitis.

aika mitsui chisato okai erina mano
Aika Mitsui with Chisato Okai of the group C-ute (center) and solo singer Erina Mano (right) in 2009.

Aika Mitsui: 2008-2011

In August 2008, Mitsui and her Morning Musume band mates collaborated with female theater group Takaruzaka in order to perform the famous musical Cinderella.

aika mitsui cinderella musical
Aika Mitsui during the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Cinderella in 2008.

Mitsui had three roles in that musical. She would play the roles of a fairy, town girl, and a princess. In July 2009, Mitsui and Morning Musume were in attendance at the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles as guests of honor.

aika mitsui morning musume
Aika Mitsui during Winter 2009 looking cute!

Morning Musume took the time to sign autographs and they held a concert. There were a total of 7,000 fans in attendance at the concert. Mitsui also opened up a blog called Pastel Color Days. The blog was only open to members of the Morning Musume Fan Club. On January 26, 2011, Mitsui released her first photo book called Aika. She also played the main role in the horror movie called Real Kakurenbo (Hide & Seek). Risa Niigaki has also released many photo books including the one called Ascension before she left Morning Musume. In May 2011, she was diagnosed with a left ankle bone fracture. She had complained about pain in her left foot after a Morning Musume concert. This would be a sign of things to come though I’m not sure if Mitsui felt this way. She missed almost an entire summer of work due to the injury. On January 12, 2012, Mitsui opened up an Ameblo blog. She became the only Morning Musume member to have two blogs. On April 1, 2012, she became a regular member of the radio show Young Town with Sayumi Michishige. But many fans though that this was an April Fool’s joke.

aika mitsui morning musume
Aika mitsui with a cute yet sophisticated hairstyle here.
aika mitsui morning musume
Aika Mitsui smiling!
aika mitsui hello! project 2011
Aika Mitsui in a stunning red dress for Hello! Project Winter 2011.

Aika Mitsui: Graduation and final Morning Musume Activities

In April and May 2012, Mitsui’s doctor told her that although her ankle had recovered, she would not be able to continue as a member of Morning Musume. The reason given was because of what was described as intense movement of her ankle during concerts. On May 4, 2012, Mitsui announced her plans to graduate from Morning Musume. She graduated with Risa Niigaki after the Morning Musume Spring Concert Tour at the venue Nippon Budokan. Mitsui finished her activities in Morning Musume by promoting the song Ren’ai Hunter.

Aika Mitsui goes to New Zealand

Mitsui would still be active in 2013 starring in the stage play called Okujou Wonderland. In April 2014, she started living in New Zealand to study English. Former member Makoto Ogawa lived in New Zealand from 2006 through 2008. In April 2015, Mitsui returned to Japan. She would be involved in writing English-language news and event reports for UP-FRONT LINK which is UP-FRONT’S international company news service. In February 2016, Mitsui would go to Houston, Texas with Morning Musume 16 where they would be the main guests for Anime Matsuri 2016. The event took place from February 26 through the 28th. In July 2016, Mitsui said that she would return to New Zealand to study English.

aika mitsui graduation
Aika Mitsui shortly before her graduation from Morning Musume in 2012. Photos are from

Aika Mitsui Interesting Facts

  • Her favorite colors are black, gold, and purple.
  • Her favorite foods are many. These include plums, strawberries, roast beef, kombu, cuttlefish, fried chicken, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Her least favorite foods are chocolate and sponge cake.
  • Her favorite phrase is: “heaven and earth unbeaten.”
  • She is skilled at giving massages and keeping her room tidy.


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