Eri Kamei MAPLE Photo Book Images!

It was only a matter of time before I was going to post some photos of Eri Kamei’s 5th solo photo book called MAPLE. The photos of Eri were taken in British Columbia, Canada. The book was released on October 10, 2007 by the publisher Wani Books. Kamei is not the only current or former Morning Musume member to have done a photo book session outside of Japan. Those of you that have been following me on Asian Celebs Hut know that Natsumi Abe did a photo book session in New York City for her 2012 photo book SUBWAY and Fin No Hito in Helsinki, Finland in 2015. Maple is no less impressive and it shows Kamei being surrounded by beautiful nature while showing her impressive bikini body!

eri kamei morning musume maple photo book hot bikini
This gorgeous photo of Eri is from her 2007 photo book Maple, Eri Kamei also shows us why she is one of the most beautiful members in the history of Morning Musume. Beautiful is an understatement to describe Kamei! This may be my favorite photo of the entire session!

I was really impressed with Eri’s bikini body in this set and she was really sexy even back then! I’d assume that she looks just as beautiful now as she did back then.

eri-kamei-MAPLE photo book smiling
Eri Kamei is surrounded by the beautiful nature of British Columbia.
eri kamei maple photo book hot body
She looks cute and sexy at the same time!
eri-kamei-hot bikini body red bikini
Eri Kamei posing for a photo in beautiful Canada!
eri-kamei-hot bikini 3
Eri Kamei looking as hot as ever as she kneels on a wooden log overlooking a lake!

eri-kamei-hot bikini body canadaeri-kamei-hot bikini bodyeri-kamei-Maple black bikini hot

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