Risa Niigaki Happy Girl Photo Book Images

I know that I have been writing about the photo book sessions of Morning Musume members past and present. Here is another set of those photos. This time it is about Risa Niigaki or Gaki-san as she is known by. These Risa Niigaki Happy Girl photo book images are some of the best I’ve seen! Happy Girl is the 4th solo photo book of Niigaki. It was released on April 25, 2008 and it shows Niigaki playing with the snow in winter or relaxing in a bikini! The photo book shows images from two different seasons and that’s a good thing. Happy Girl is the photo book that was released after Isshun in 2007. As usual, I will provide only the best pics of Niigaki! Niigaki spent over ten years as a member of Morning Musume and she was the group’s leader for a short time. She would graduate from the group and hand the leadership duties to Sayumi Michishige. I still think I prefer Niigaki over Michishige even though Sayumi is very cute as well.

asian idol bikini hot risa niigaki

The best photo of the session shows Niigaki taking a shower while in a great blue bikini! She is really showing her greatness here!

risa-niigaki-asian idol hot bikini shower 2

Gaki san showing a side view of herself but she is still very beautiful!

risa-niigaki-asian idol hot bikini shower 3

Risa Niigaki then 19 at the time of the photo book’s release is enjoying herself!

risa-niigaki-asian idol yellow bikini hot 2risa-niigaki-asian idol yellow bikini hotrisa-niigaki-blue bikini hotrisa-niigaki-red and white bikini hot

It is hard to say who my favorite 5th generation member of Morning Musume is. I can tell you that it is probably a toss-up between the very beautiful Makoto Ogawa or Niigaki. Ogawa is sexier and naturally more beautiful while Risa is cuter. However, Risa might have had her finest moment of her modeling career when she released her 2012 photo book called Ascension. If you have not seen the pics from that photo session, take a look and you will really enjoy them!

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