Is Eri Kamei Your Favorite Morning Musume Member?

eri kamei thanks hot bikini

I’d like to ask all of you a question? Is Eri Kamei your favorite Morning Musume member? For me, Eri is now my favorite Morning Musume member but for the longest time, my favorite member of this generation had been Miki Fujimoto. Kamei who is now 30 years old has pretty much retired from the entertainment industry which is a big blow for Morning Musume but her volume of work with the group is very impressive! She has released awesome photo books such as 17SAI, Maple & Thanks! which was her last photo book release prior to her graduation.

eri kamei thanks hot bikini
Eri Kamei during the making of her 2010 photo book called Thanks! which is her best one.
This video is a look back at all of the solo lines that Eri did during her career with Morning Musume.

Morning Musume 14 Japan Changes

Morning Musume 14 Japan Changes #1: Kei Yasuda biography is no longer here

Morning Musume Japan Changes #2: all of the information about the single called Morning Coffee is now on my other website Asian Celebs Hut. Due to commitments with work & school there may not be as many updates on this page as some of you would like to see but I will definitely update this page as often as I can.

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As a special surprise for my subscribers, here is a video for the song called “The Manpower” off of the group’s 2006 studio album called Rainbow 7! Have a great day!!