Sayumi Michishige Mille Feuille Photo Book Pics!

Sayumi Michishige’s Mille Feuille photo book is the 9th photo book released by the former member of Morning Musume. The Mille Feuille photo book was released on January 27, 2013. It shows Michishige displaying her excellent bikini body!

sayumi-michishige-mille feuille front cover

She considered herself to be the cutest member of Morning Musume during her tenure with the group. Yes, she is cute but in this photo book, she shows that she can be very sexy as well! I really love some of these pics!

Can you say the words super hot? Michishige is best known for being the leader of Morning Musume after Risa Niigaki graduated from Morning Musume on May 18, 2012.  Here are a few more pictures of Sayumi Michishige from the Mille Feuille photo book!

sayumi-michishige-mille feuille green bikini pic hot 2sayumi-michishige-mille feuille green bikini pic hot 3

sayumi michishige mille feuille photo book green bikini
This upside down photo of Sayumi is one of the best of her career! It is almost too good to be true but it is. Really hot!

sayumi-michishige-mille feuille green bikini pic hot

The thing is that while members such as Yuko Nakazawa may be sexier, Sayumi Michishige is cuter than her and I do prefer to see that cute girl kind of look. So these photos are just fine! Michishige was a member of Morning Musume when the group celebrated its 16th anniversary in September 2013. She eventually became the member with the longest tenure in the history of the group surpassing both Risa Niigaki and Ai Takahashi! Michishige was not primarily an Asian bikini model but she showed that she could compete with other Japanese singers in the looks category! Following the release of this photo book, Michishige would release her 10th photo book called Blue Rose.

sayumi-michishige-mille feuille red bikini pic hot
Sayumin looks cute in red as well!
sayumi-michishige-mille feuille white bikini hot
Sayumin in white and gosh she’s gorgeous!

Sayumi Michishige Profile

  • Her most common nickname is Sayumin.
  • Date of birth: July 13, 1989 (28 years old)
  • Place of birth: Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Her favorite foods are the mentaiko spaghetti that her mother makes and chocolate.


Ai Takahashi Bikini Pics FLASH Magazine

Where are these Ai Takahashi colored bikini pictures from?

These Ai Takahashi colored bikini photos are from a very famous magazine? Do you know which magazine they are from? If not then you will find out soon.

Ai Takahashi formerly of the Japanese idol group Morning Musume participated in a photo shoot for Flash Magazine back in 2011 and she absolutely sizzles with beauty in a black bikini with strawberries and flowers on them! It is one of the best photos of her that I have seen for sure. The group now goes by the name of Morning Musume 16 as of 2016. These photos are also from Alo! Hello Morning Musume 2011 and they are awesome!

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375887


Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375890Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375892

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375896
Ai-Chan as she is known by is playing with the sand!

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375903Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375904

Takahashi made news when she registered her marriage to comedian Koji Abe on February 14, 2014.  That’s another way of saying that Takahashi got married. Ai Takahashi joins a list of several former Morning Musume members to get married. They are:

  • Yuko Nakazawa
  • Kei Yasuda
  • Mari Yaguchi
  • Sayaka Ichii
  • Miki Fujimoto
  • Nozomi Tsuji
  • And of course, Ai Kago is also another prominent member of this idol group to get married.

Of the members on this list that got married, only Yaguchi and Ichii got divorced.  Note: as of 2015, Ai Kago is the next Morning Musume member to get divorced. Takahashi and Abe took their friendship into the romance stage in May 2011 after they starred in the stage play Hamlet. Ai Takahashi mentioned that Abe is the one that she would like to spend her life with. Ai Takahashi was part of Morning Musume’s 5th generation of members along with Asami Konno, Makoto Ogawa, and Risa Niigaki. Ai Takahashi was born in September 1986 and she took over the leadership position of Morning Musume in June 2007 after the abrupt resignation of Fujimoto due to a personal scandal.

Japanese idol Ayumi Ishida as a Role Model

I’ve already written a few posts about Japanese idol and Morning Musume 17 member Ayumi Ishida of Sendai. Now, it is time to thank her and say that she is one of my role models! Yes indeed that is correct! Ishida who is my favorite member of the 10th generation has been an idol since the name of the group was still called Morning Musume.

ayumi-ishida-hello project digital books 149

She has been a member for all of the name changes the group has had including Morning Musume 15, Morning Musume 16, and Morning Musume 17. Thank you Ayumi Ishida for your smile! Thank you Ayumi Ishida for your friendly personality! Thank you Ayumi Ishida for your contributions to the group since you joined in 2011. Ishida has also been a member of the group being involved in some of the activities the group has done since 2013. I also mention on my main website about how Morning Musume has become a huge pop cultural influence especially in Japan. Ishida has also been a member of Morning Musume for their 59th single called Oh My Wish which was released in August 2015. Ishida who will be 21 years old in January 2018 also has recorded her own version of the single called Wagamama ki no Mama Ai no Joke. The English translation for the song is Selfish Easygoing Jokes of Love. That is one of the best songs in the history of Morning Musume. If you have not heard the song yet, I encourage you to listen to it and you will see how great the song is! Ishida has also been a member of the group when Mizuki Fukumura took over as the group’s leader. She has also seen the debut of the group’s 13th generation. Ishida has been with the group for almost seven years and I am so thankful that she is one of my role models!

Thank You Eri Kamei Morning Musume

With the Thanksgiving holiday now I would like to take a moment to thank Eri Kamei of Morning Musume because she is my favorite member of Morning Musume’s 6th generation and one of my newest role models! Thank you Eri Kamei for what you did for Morning Musume throughout your career. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep going in life in spite of my struggles. Thank you for looking out for your health.

Note: for those of you that do not know, Eri Kamei graduated from Morning Musume in 2010 due to a skin condition called atopic dermatitis.

eri kamei thanks hot bikini
Eri Kamei during the making of her 2010 photo book called Thanks which is her best one.

Thank you Eri Kamei for doing your photo sessions for the photo books MAPLE, Thanks, and your other photo books. You have entertained and excited fans in Japan and throughout the world. I have become one of your biggest fans! Thank you for being who you are! Thank you for your dedication to Morning Musume and the values and principles that the group stands for! I love you Eri Kamei!

Risa Niigaki La Actriz Japonesa

Hola gente del mundo!

La cantante y modelo japonesa Risa Niigaki aquì está vestida en un bikini por el libro de fotos “Happy Girl”

Risa Niigaki, la cantante japonesa y miembro del grupo Morning Musume desde 2001 hasta 2012 ahora está trabajando como actriz. En el 9 de junio en 2017, Niigaki fue elegida como la actriz principal en la obra teatral Risako no Gachikoi Haiyuu Numa que se realizará del 5 al 13 del mes de agosto. Niigaki tiene 29 años y fue el miembro de la generación cinco de Morning Musume con Ai Takahashi, Asami Konno, y Makoto Ogawa mi miembro más favorito de esta generación.

Felicitaciones a Risa Niigaki!

Risa Niigaki Happy Girl Photo Book Images

Risa Niigaki really shows her cuteness and sexiness in her photo book called Happy Girl released in 2008!

I know that I have been writing about the photo book sessions of Morning Musume members past and present. Here is another set of those photos. This time it is about Risa Niigaki or Gaki-san as she is known by. These Risa Niigaki Happy Girl photo book images are some of the best I’ve seen! Happy Girl is the 4th solo photo book of Niigaki. It was released on April 25, 2008 and it shows Niigaki playing with the snow in winter or relaxing in a bikini! The photo book shows images from two different seasons and that’s a good thing. Happy Girl is the photo book that was released after Isshun in 2007. As usual, I will provide only the best pics of Niigaki! Niigaki spent over ten years as a member of Morning Musume and she was the group’s leader for a short time. She would graduate from the group and hand the leadership duties to Sayumi Michishige. I still think I prefer Niigaki over Michishige even though Sayumi is very cute as well.

asian idol bikini hot risa niigaki
The best photo of the session shows Niigaki taking a shower while in a great blue bikini! She is really showing her greatness here!
risa-niigaki-asian idol hot bikini shower 2
Gaki san showing a side view of herself but she is still very beautiful!
risa-niigaki-asian idol hot bikini shower 3
Risa Niigaki then 19 at the time of the photo book’s release is enjoying herself!

risa-niigaki-asian idol yellow bikini hot 2risa-niigaki-asian idol yellow bikini hotrisa-niigaki-blue bikini hotrisa-niigaki-red and white bikini hot

It is hard to say who my favorite 5th generation member of Morning Musume is. I can tell you that it is probably a toss-up between the very beautiful Makoto Ogawa or Niigaki. Ogawa is sexier and naturally more beautiful while Risa is cuter. However, Risa might have had her finest moment of her modeling career when she released her 2012 photo book called Ascension. If you have not seen the pics from that photo session, take a look and you will really enjoy them!

Sayumi Michishige Blue Rose Photo Book Pics

No mention of Morning Musume would be complete without mentioning the name Sayumi Michishige. She released her 10th photo book called Blue Rose and this one is a beauty! I will only provide the pics that I think are the best from this session! The photo book was released on October 27, 2013.

sayumi michishige blue rose cover pic
Sayumi Michishige on the cover of her photo book Blue Rose.

The 6th generation idol that served as band leader from May 2012 until November 2014 shows her maturity and sexiness! Michishige, 28, graduated from Morning Musume following a concert in Yamaguchi that summer. Michishige was in Morning Musume from the 6th generation audition until November 2014. Her career spanned 11 years! Here is my favorite photo of the entire session!

sayumi-michishige-hot body
Michishige shows here that she has one of the hottest bodies of all the Morning Musume members. Most of them are so beautiful that your favorites can keep on changing all the time. Nonetheless, this is one of the best photos of any photo book session!
A side view of Sayumi Michishige.
Sayumi also has very beautiful eyes in addition to her body!