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Asuka Fukuda Comeback

The Asuka Fukuda comeback is complete! Her fans have no need to worry. Fans of popular music group Morning Musume (now known as Morning Musume 18in 2018) might want to know what has happened to Asuka Fukuda.  She had been out of the public eye after she left Morning Musume back in 1999. In 2011, she made her return to the entertainment industry by starting a band called PEACE$TONE. The band was formed on February 14, 2011 (Valentines Day in the United States). The other members of this group are TERRA (vocals) and Yaman Chang (guitar). I decided to write about Fukuda because I was thinking about her on the of morning May 15, 2014 when I first composed this post on my main magazine style website Asian Celebs Hut. But because Fukuda is a former member of Morning Musume, information about her belongs on this site.

Asuka Fukuda was born on December 17, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. She was selected to be part of Morning Musume’s first generation of members with Yuko Nakazawa, Aya Ishiguro, Kaori Iida, and Natsumi Abe. Welcome back Asuka! I have said that I really used to think that she is the most beautiful of that first generation of Morning Musume members although Natsumi Abe is not too far behind with her stellar looks. It was reported that Fukuda got married in August 2015.

Fukuda Asuka, Photobook-204619

The above bikini picture of Fukuda is from Morning Musume’s first photo book. I think that although Asuka may not be as sexy as Hitomi Aizawa in a bikini, she definitely is very cute!

asuka fukuda comeback bikini shot sexy

Asuka Fukuda smiles as she poses for a photo for Morning Musume’s first photo book around 1997 and 1998. She used to be my favorite first generation member.

Asuka Fukuda enjoys eating pancakes and kidney beans. She is also skilled in doing ballet and singing karaoke. On September 14, 2013, Morning Musume celebrated its 16th anniversary as a group. They have had 13 generations of members to date and are very popular in Japan along with idol group AKB48.