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natsumi abe subway photo book pics part 2 sexy lingerie

Natsumi Abe SUBWAY Photo Book Pics English Version

For those of you that could read and understand the Spanish version of my post about Natsumi Abe’s 2012 photo book SUBWAY, here is the English version of it.  And this time, you will see the sexiest images of Abe and you will surely love this set!

natsumi abe subway photo book pics part 2 sexy lingerie

Natsumi Abe shows her amazing figure and physique in New York City! She is so beautiful words can’t describe this photo. A goddess maybe?

natsumi-abe-subway photo book lingerie shot sexy

For those of you that have not seen photos from the photo book following SUBWAY, here is the first part of her photo book called Fin No Hito released in 2015. And here is Fin No Hito Part 2 as those photos were taken in Finland.  But for now let’s continue with these amazing lingerie photos from SUBWAY!!

natsumi-abe-sexy lingerie shot photo 2

natsumi abe subway sexy lingerie pics part 2

Natsumi Abe fixing her hair but she’s still hot as heck anyway!!

natsumi abe hot body subway photo book

My favorite photo from this lingerie set shows Abe and her amazing body. Need I say more?

natsumi abe natsumi hot bikini pic 2

Natsumi Abe Natsumi Photo Book Great Pics!

These pics from Natsumi Abe’s Natsumi photo book are stunning! Natsumi Abe, the former Morning Musume member that was with the group from 1997 through 2004 showed early on in her career that she was one of the group’s most beautiful girls! These great pics are from her 2nd photo book called Natsumi. Natsumi was released on November 11, 2001. Note: this content used to be on my magazine style website Asian Celebs Hut but I decided to move the content to this site because this site is all about Morning Musume.

Natsumi  photo book Pic #1

natsumi abe natsumi photo book bikini

Natsumi Abe shows us that she has one of the best bikini bodies in the whole world!

Abe who is now 37, has released several photo books throughout her career including SUBWAY (2012) and Fin No Hito (2015). But in this Natsumi photo book, she shows that she can compete with her former first generation band mates Yuko Nakazawa and Asuka Fukuda!

Natsumi Abe Natsumi photo book pic #2

Abe Natsumi, Photobook-bikini sexy asian idol

Natsumi Abe relaxing!

Natsumi Photo book pic #3

natsumi abe natsumi hot bikini pic 2

In what is the best photo of the entire book, Natsumi Abe can be described as one thing: a total goddess in terms of Japanese idols! No wonder she is now my favorite first generation member of Morning Musume!

Abe married actor Ikusaburo Yamazaki in 2015. But why is she famous? Natsumi Abe is famous because she was one of the five original members of Morning Musume. She was a member with the group when the group released its first official single called Morning Coffee. In addition to being a member of Morning Musume, Abe has also been a member of several other groups. One of these groups was Kiiro 5 which also had Kei Yasuda as a member. Abe was also in the groups 10nin Matsuri, Odoru 11 (2002), Morning Musume Sakuragumi, SALT5, and Nochiura Natsumi. These early pics of Natsumi Abe shows that she was destined for success later in her career! Abe recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

Natsumi Abe Pregnant With Second Child

Former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe Pregnant with second child!

Another former Morning Musume member has announced that she is pregnant. This time it is Natsumi Abe, maybe my favorite member of that group’s first generation. For those of you that haven’t seen my biography of Natsumi Abe, it is one my online magazine style site called Asian Celebs Hut.

natsumi abe hot pic

Natsumi Abe seen here in her hotel room in Helsinki, Finland during her photo session for her photo book Fin No Hito. Congratulations to Natsumi Abe for another happy moment in her life!

The announcement of Abe’s pregnancy was made by Abe herself when she was asked about possible plans for a second child. She said that she is pregnant with her second child having entered her stable period the other day. Abe is due to give birth in the fall of 2018. Abe was in attendance at the awards ceremony for the 11th Best Mother Awards on May 10, 2018, her 37th birthday. This is certainly exciting news for Abe and her husband actor Ikusaburo Yamazaki. Abe gave birth to a son on July 26, 2016. Congratulations to Natsumi Abe and we wish you all the best on this Mother’s Day!

Natsumi Abe En Lingerie Por Su Libro De Fotos En “SUBWAY”

Natsumi Abe, miembro del primer generación del groupo Morning Musume lanzó un libro de fotos fantástico llamado “SUBWAY.” El libro es el libro once por Abe que lanzó 12 libros durante su carrera que remonta todo el camino hasta el año 1997. Pero, ella lanzó su primer libro de fotos Nacchi en 1999. Aquí son unos fotos de la cantante muy bella Natsumi Abe en la ciudad de Nueva York durante el verano de 2012!

natsumi abe muy bonita lingerie

Natsumi Abe tiene un cuerpo tan bonito que parece una diosa verdad? Yo creo que ella es una de las mujeres más bonitas del mundo!

natsumi-abe-hot lingerie photo subway

natsumi-abe-sitting down in the hotel room

Natsumi Abe está sentado en su habitación de hotel en Nueva York y todavía es una mujer muy bonita A pesar de que ella no está vestida con un traje de baño!

natsumi-abe-in library

Natsumi Abe está en una biblioteca y está leyendo un libro.



natsumi-abe-hot patron

Natsumi Abe en la biblioteca y está soriendo.

natsumi-abe-hot dress

Natsumi Abe en una vestida amarilla y es muy, muy bonita!

natsumi abe end of summer bikini pics

Morning Musume Bikini Pics End Of Summer

These Morning Musume bikini pics will really amaze you! Contrary to what you may think, End of Summer is actually a photo book released by Natsumi Abe. That photo book was released on August 27, 2008 by the publisher Wanibooks. The photos were taken on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Morning Musume bikini pics #1

natsumi abe end of summer bikini pics

Natsumi Abe on the island of Oahu during her photo session for End of Summer.

The photo book shows Natsumi Abe relaxing in the pool, exploring Oahu or just lying down showing us her awesome bikini body! It is about to get even better when you see some of these other photos!

natsumi-abe-morning musume bikini 2

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It seems to me that these members seem to love being filmed in places that have warmer weather. Even so, Abe has done more than just gravure modeling. On August 13, 2014, she released her solo album called Smile.

She was in Morning Musume from 1997 through 2004, leaving to start a solo career. I would say she has done pretty well! End of Summer is her 9th solo photo book. She has also released other great ones such as SUBWAY and Fin No Hito. If you have not seen those photo books, I would really suggest that you do so! The photos for the book SUBWAY were taken in New York City and they feature Abe exploring the city by foot, eating a nice breakfast, or showing her beautiful body while dressed in lingerie. The photos for Fin No Hito were taken in Helsinki, Finland in 2015 and Abe really shows that she can be really beautiful even in her mid 30’s! She’ll surpass Yuko Nakazawa in beauty if she hasn’t already.  For emphasis, I’d like you to see what is the best photo of the photo session for the End of Summer photo book!

natsumi abe morning musume bikini pics

Can she get any more beautiful than this? This multi-colored bikini is amazing on her! Abe is seen here at a beach in Oahu.

Natsumi Abe Bikini Pics!

Natsumi Abe posed in a bikini for her photo book called Natsumi. This photo book was released back in 2001. It shows the former Morning Musume member relaxing poolside or just showing us her amazing bikini body! Here is one of those photos from that photo session.

natsumi abe bikini pics natsumi photo book

Natsumi Abe shows us her amazing bikini body in this photo here. If Asuka Fukuda was my favorite first generation member at an earlier time, that was then. Natsumi Abe has taken her place in that category!

For more pics of Natsumi Abe, check out my post about the topic on Asian Celebs Hut!

Natsumi Abe is Stunning in Her Photo book Fin No Hito

Natsumi Abe is stunning in her photo book called Fin No Hito. Fin no Hito is the 12th photo book released by former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe. Fin no Hito was released in 2015. The photos for the book were taken in Finland’s capital Helsinki. I saw the photos of the book and I was instantly impressed! The photo book shows Abe exploring Helsinki on foot, sitting at the bus station or just relaxing in her hotel room as she displays her incredibly sexy body while dressed in lingerie!  She is definitely more beautiful than former Morning Musume band leader Yuko Nakazawa! If you didn’t think that Natsumi Abe was hot as heck before, then you will now! Here is the best photo of the entire session!

Fin no Hito is the first photo book for Abe since the release of her photo book Subway five years ago as of this update I used to think that Asuka Fukuda was the prettiest member of Morning Musume’s first generation but now I would say that my favorite from this generation is Natsumi Abe for sure! She is known as Abe Natsumi in Japan. Abe is now also a solo singer. On August 13, 2014 Abe released her self-cover album called Smile. The album has 10 songs and they were rearranged and re-recorded to show the history of this pop music singer and actress. She celebrated her 35th birthday in August 2016 but before that, she showed that she could still be beautiful and compete with women that are younger than her! It would be a disservice if I did not give credit to Natsumi on this site!

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Singer and stage actress Natsumi Abe kneels down near a bouquet of flowers in the city of Helsinki. Even when she is not dressed in lingerie or a bikini she is still hot as heck! She is my favorite of the first five girls to join Morning Musume.