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Ai Takahashi Bikini Pics FLASH Magazine

Where are these Ai Takahashi colored bikini pictures from?

These Ai Takahashi colored bikini photos are from a very famous magazine? Do you know which magazine they are from? If not then you will find out soon.

Ai Takahashi formerly of the Japanese idol group Morning Musume participated in a photo shoot for Flash Magazine back in 2011 and she absolutely sizzles with beauty in a black bikini with strawberries and flowers on them! It is one of the best photos of her that I have seen for sure. The group now goes by the name of Morning Musume 16 as of 2016. These photos are also from Alo! Hello Morning Musume 2011 and they are awesome!

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375887


Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375890Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375892

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375896

Ai-Chan as she is known by is playing with the sand!

Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375903Photobook, Takahashi Ai-375904

Takahashi made news when she registered her marriage to comedian Koji Abe on February 14, 2014.  That’s another way of saying that Takahashi got married. Ai Takahashi joins a list of several former Morning Musume members to get married. They are:

  • Yuko Nakazawa
  • Kei Yasuda
  • Mari Yaguchi
  • Sayaka Ichii
  • Miki Fujimoto
  • Nozomi Tsuji
  • And of course, Ai Kago is also another prominent member of this idol group to get married.

Of the members on this list that got married, only Yaguchi and Ichii got divorced.  Note: as of 2015, Ai Kago is the next Morning Musume member to get divorced. Takahashi and Abe took their friendship into the romance stage in May 2011 after they starred in the stage play Hamlet. Ai Takahashi mentioned that Abe is the one that she would like to spend her life with. Ai Takahashi was part of Morning Musume’s 5th generation of members along with Asami Konno, Makoto Ogawa, and Risa Niigaki. Ai Takahashi was born in September 1986 and she took over the leadership position of Morning Musume in June 2007 after the abrupt resignation of Fujimoto due to a personal scandal.