Eri Kamei THANKS Photo Book Images Part 2

Once again, here is a post dedicated to Eri Kamei which some of you already know is my favorite 6th generation member of Morning Musume. Her last photo book as a member of Morning Musume called THANKS was released in 2010 before she finally graduated from the group. This last one is really good because she shows us that she has a great bikini body! This was the best way for Kamei to finish off her career with Morning Musume even though it ended because of health reasons. Even so, these bikini pics are simply stunning!

eri-kamei-thanks photo book hot bikini pic
The first of these bikini pics sees Eri Kamei sitting on the sand. If you thought this one is good it is about to get even better!
eri kamei thanks photo book part 2 hot bikini
Eri Kamei is standing this time and posing with her back sort of turned but I have to say: can she get any more beautiful than this?
eri-kamei-blue bikini thanks photo book
This is the best photo of the session and she really shows what kind of awesome body she has. She could give some of these celebrities some serious competition!

Thank You Eri Kamei Morning Musume

With the Thanksgiving holiday now I would like to take a moment to thank Eri Kamei of Morning Musume because she is my favorite member of Morning Musume’s 6th generation and one of my newest role models! Thank you Eri Kamei for what you did for Morning Musume throughout your career. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep going in life in spite of my struggles. Thank you for looking out for your health.

Note: for those of you that do not know, Eri Kamei graduated from Morning Musume in 2010 due to a skin condition called atopic dermatitis.

eri kamei thanks hot bikini
Eri Kamei during the making of her 2010 photo book called Thanks which is her best one.

Thank you Eri Kamei for doing your photo sessions for the photo books MAPLE, Thanks, and your other photo books. You have entertained and excited fans in Japan and throughout the world. I have become one of your biggest fans! Thank you for being who you are! Thank you for your dedication to Morning Musume and the values and principles that the group stands for! I love you Eri Kamei!

Eri Kamei MAPLE Photo Book Images!

It was only a matter of time before I was going to post some photos of Eri Kamei’s 5th solo photo book called MAPLE. The photos of Eri were taken in British Columbia, Canada. The book was released on October 10, 2007 by the publisher Wani Books. Kamei is not the only current or former Morning Musume member to have done a photo book session outside of Japan. Those of you that have been following me on Asian Celebs Hut know that Natsumi Abe did a photo book session in New York City for her 2012 photo book SUBWAY and Fin No Hito in Helsinki, Finland in 2015. Maple is no less impressive and it shows Kamei being surrounded by beautiful nature while showing her impressive bikini body!

eri kamei morning musume maple photo book hot bikini
This gorgeous photo of Eri is from her 2007 photo book Maple, Eri Kamei also shows us why she is one of the most beautiful members in the history of Morning Musume. Beautiful is an understatement to describe Kamei! This may be my favorite photo of the entire session!

I was really impressed with Eri’s bikini body in this set and she was really sexy even back then! I’d assume that she looks just as beautiful now as she did back then.

eri-kamei-MAPLE photo book smiling
Eri Kamei is surrounded by the beautiful nature of British Columbia.
eri kamei maple photo book hot body
She looks cute and sexy at the same time!
eri-kamei-hot bikini body red bikini
Eri Kamei posing for a photo in beautiful Canada!
eri-kamei-hot bikini 3
Eri Kamei looking as hot as ever as she kneels on a wooden log overlooking a lake!

eri-kamei-hot bikini body canadaeri-kamei-hot bikini bodyeri-kamei-Maple black bikini hot

How Eri Kamei Became My Favorite 6th Generation Member

I wrote yesterday that Eri Kamei is now my favorite 6th generation member of Morning Musume. How did I get to this point?

eri kamei bikini 17SAI
A photo of Eri Kamei back in 2006 for her photo book 17SAI.

It actually happened almost right away about two nights ago. I had been having some issues in my life and I needed a way to express my creativity and I also wanted to update all of you about Morning Musume. I started to listen to the high energy song called Kimagure Princess (the group’s 41st major single). There is a solo version of the song that Kamei has done.

Things have started to turn around after that and I have had a sort of fresh start in life. Eri Kamei is one of the people that I consider to be one of my biggest role models. However, that is not the focus of this post. The focus of it is to say that Eri Kamei has become my favorite 6th generation member after it used to be Miki Fujimoto for several years. Not to take anything away from Fujimoto who is very beautiful, talented and she has survived her share of adversity but Eri Kamei has that cute, sweet, quality about her that is easy to love.

eri kamei body bikini
This gorgeous photo of Eri is from the Hello! Project Digital Books series #38!

When I started this blog back in 2013, Morning Musume had recently celebrated their 16th anniversary as a group and Reina Tanaka had graduated in May 2013. I may consider paying tribute to Kamei by posting photos from one of the photo books during her career with Morning Musume. So there is the reason of how Eri Kamei became my favorite 6th generation member of the group Morning Musume (now known by the name of Morning Musume 17). Stay tuned for some awesome photos of the very cute Eri Kamei!


My Favorite 6th Generation Member: Eri Kamei!

As of today and going forward, Eri Kamei has become my favorite 6th generation member of Morning Musume! My favorite member of this generation for a long time used to be Miki Fujimoto (Shoji) but not anymore! I listened to the great song Kimagure Princess and that seemed to help me have a greater appreciation for Kamei. Also, I have read about Kamei for the past few days and that was like a life saving experience for me. She didn’t literally save my life but I can say that her life story has helped me change my perspective about life in general.

eri kamei morning musume maple photo book hot bikini
From her 2008 photo book Maple, Eri Kamei also shows us why she is one of the most beautiful members in the history of Morning Musume. Beautiful is an understatement to describe Kamei!

Kamei, 29, goes by several nicknames. These include Eririn, Kame, Kyamei, and PPP. Kamei has released several photo books. Her photo book releases are:

  • Kamei, Eri (2004)
  • DAYS (2005)
  • 17Sai (2006)
  • Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket (2007)
  • Maple (2007)
  • ERI (2008)
  •  20 (Hatachi) 2008
  • Sweet (2010)
  • Eririn (2010)
  • Thanks! (2010)

Eri Kamei is the cutest former Morning Musume member under the age of 30. Although Reina Tanaka is cute and sometimes sexy, Eri Kamei is slightly prettier than her in the looks department. Although former leader Sayumi Michishige called herself the cutest member of Morning Musume, she still isn’t as cute as my favorite Eri Kamei!

Eri Kamei-Japanese Idol Singer And Member of Morning Musume

Who is Eri Kamei?

  • Date of birth: December 23, 1988
  • Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
Eri Kamei during the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Autumn. Source: unless otherwise noted.

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Kamei also has her own version of the Morning Musume song Kimagure Princess.

Eri Kamei in a bikini for her photo book called THANKS!


What makes Eri Kamei interesting?

  • She has the special skill of arguing.
  • Her hobby is watching the concert DVDs of other artists.
  • Her favorite colors are black, pink, and white.
  • Her favorite phrase is Good Night.
  • She enjoys eating pasta, udon, ramen, and soba.
  • Her motto is You are yourself! Don’t compare yourself!

Kamei has also released many photo books. They are Kamei Eri, DAYS, 17Sai, Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket, MAPLE, ERI, 20 Hatachi, Sweet, Eririn, and THANKS. Below are some of these photos from her photo books. I will be adding some more to the gallery as time permits.

Note: I am in the process of restructuring some content so some information about Eri Kamei will now be on Asian Celebs Hut. See you there when you vsit!

Coming Soon: Eri Kamei 6th Generation Member

What’s up everyone?
Coming soon is going to be a post about Eri Kamei.

Photo source:

eri kamei japanese idol thanks photo book
Eri Kamei looks stunning in this photo from her 2010 photo book called Thanks. Can she get any hotter?

Of all the Morning Musume members that I have written about, Eri is one of those that I have not written about yet. This blog has come pretty far since the one of the very first posts that I wrote about Reina Tanaka’s graduation in 2013. But what you will see soon is a tribute to Kamei. She was part of the 6th generation of members. Joining her in that generation were three other girls:

Miki Fujimoto (legal name Miki Shoji since March 2009)

Sayumi Michishige (she recently announced that she will be resuming her activities)

and of course Reina Tanaka who graduated in May 2013

These three members made their debut on January 19, 2003. Kamei, now 28, is one of the most beautiful members of Morning Musume while members like Nozomi Tsuji are among the least attractive of the members. Kamei is just so beautiful and she also has a very cute kind of look. You will see what she is like soon!