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Ayumi Ishida Japanese Idol Bikini Okinawa!

Here is Japanese idol Ayumi Ishida in a bikini for her 3rd solo photo book! These awesome pictures were taken while she was in Okinawa! The photo book is called It’s My Turn. It’s My Turn was released on June 27, 2016 and  the book continues in a special tradition of having Japanese idols spend time in warm places. Ishida turned 20 years old on January 7, 2017 and she now has three photo books to her credit!

ayumi ishida japanese idol hot bikini

You are very beautiful yourself Ayumi!

ayumi ishida japanese idol bikini hot

A great side view of Ayumi in a bikini! totally hot!!

ayumi ishida japanese idol morning musume 17 bikini hot

Ayumi running through the water! She’s having the time of her life and isn’t that all that matters? Oh yeah!


Ayumi hiding in among the nature.

ayumi ishida bikini hot morning musume 17

Ayumi poses for a photo wearing her best bikini of the session!

This is not the first time that a Morning Musume member has done a photo book session in a warm weather place. Mizuki Fukumura did the photo session for her first photo book MIZUKI in Guam. Ishida is so beautiful that I think I would rate her right up there with Natsumi Abe. Abe turned 35 years old in August 2016 and she released her photo book Fin No Hito! Fin No Hito has the former Morning Musume babe posing in sexy lingerie, walking around the city of Helsinki, or waiting for a train. Natsumi Abe is absolutely stunning in that photo book!


Ayumi Ishida: can you say the word goddess? She is really something!