Eri Kamei THANKS Photo Book Images Part 2

Once again, here is a post dedicated to Eri Kamei which some of you already know is my favorite 6th generation member of Morning Musume. Her last photo book as a member of Morning Musume called THANKS was released in 2010 before she finally graduated from the group. This last one is really good because she shows us that she has a great bikini body! This was the best way for Kamei to finish off her career with Morning Musume even though it ended because of health reasons. Even so, these bikini pics are simply stunning!

eri-kamei-thanks photo book hot bikini pic
The first of these bikini pics sees Eri Kamei sitting on the sand. If you thought this one is good it is about to get even better!
eri kamei thanks photo book part 2 hot bikini
Eri Kamei is standing this time and posing with her back sort of turned but I have to say: can she get any more beautiful than this?
eri-kamei-blue bikini thanks photo book
This is the best photo of the session and she really shows what kind of awesome body she has. She could give some of these celebrities some serious competition!

Eri Kamei “17SAI” Photo Book Pics!

“17SAI” is the third photo book released by now former member of Morning Musume Eri Kamei and it is a really good one! She is definitely now my favorite 6th generation member even though my favorite one used to be Miki Fujimoto. I already said that my 2 favorite Morning Musume members are Risa Niigaki and Ayumi Ishida but Eri Kamei will have to be a very close 3rd favorite member past or present. Without further ado, let us get started with this amazing photo book “17SAI” shall we?

The photo book was released when Eri was just 17 but even back then, she showed that she could be charming and beautiful at the same time! Eri retired from Morning Musume in 2010 due to experiencing atopic dermatitis but the work that she did as a member of the group will always be remembered. After “17SAI” Eri released the photo book Love-Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket. I have the set of photos for her last photo book as a member of Morning Musume called Thanks! That one has Eri looking her most elegant and mature because she is in a beautiful wedding style dress! Here is the video of the making of “17SAI.” Enjoy! Eri also released a photo book while she was in British Columbia, Canada called Maple which was released in 2007. What follows here are only the best photos of 17SAI!

eri kamei 17SAI black bikini
Eri Kamei just waiting to relax.
Smile for the camera Eri Kamei! You look great!!

Eri Kamei of Morning Musume looking absolutely gorgeous!!
This photo of Eri Kamei is taken from three different angles.