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morning musume furusato back cover

Updates To Morningmusume14japan-you will love it!

morning musume furusato back cover

A photo of the back cover for the single called Furusato. There are members of the group’s first and second generation. First band leader Yuko Nakazawa is at the far left.

There are some updates to Morningmusume14japan! I reorganized the content so that everything is on the left side of the screen. For music lovers, I have also added a music player in the main sidebar area. You can play songs from the album called 10 MY ME. I am now using the Twenty Eleven theme from WordPress. This site will constantly be updated as time permits. To those of you that have visited this site and left comments, thank you so much! My goal is to provide a site that is easy to navigate and a place where you can always find the latest news about Morning Musume!

Note: the group now goes by the name of Morning Musume 17. They were known as Morning Musume from 1997 through 2013. For more information about the group, you can also visit my magazine style website at Asian Celebs Hut. Have a wonderful day!