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Japanese Idol Rika Ishikawa Getting Married?

I just found out that former Morning Musume member Rika Ishikawa is planning on getting married? Or is she?

rika ishikawa morning musume married

Japanese idol singer Rika Ishikawa also known by her nickname of Charmy.

According to Sports Hochi, Ishikawa and her partner Ryoma Nogami are planning on getting married sometime this year. Once Ishikawa gets married, she will be the next former Morning Musume member to get married. the last former Morning Musume member to get married was Risa Niigaki. Niigaki married actor Yoshkazu Kotani on July 11, 2016. Nogami is a baseball pitcher for the Saitama Seibu Lions baseball team. It was reported back in August 2014 that Ishikawa was dating Nogami. When that news was first made public, the couple had been dating for over a year.

Ishikawa has released several photo books including her 2004 photo book called Hana Bi. She is part of a duo with Hitomi Yoshizawa called Hangry & Angry. Ishikawa was also the former leader of the unit called v-u-den with Erika Miyoshi and Yui Okada.

Ishikawa in August 2011 revealed that all of the Morning Musume members would drink citric acid so that they did not feel tired the next day. Ishikawa, 32, has had to deal with muscle cramps in her career as a singer. Congratulations to Ishikawa and Nogami as they start a new chapter in their life! As soon as I find out more details, I will keep you posted.