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Sayumi Michishige “Dream” Photo Book Pics

As promised, here are the photo book pics for Sayumi Michishige’s photo book “Dream.” The photo book was released on July 13, 2018 which was the same day as her 29th birthday. This photo book was the last photo book that she released in her 20’s. 2019 is the year that Michishige will turn 30! Time goes by fast doesn’t it? Without further delay, let’s get started with these awesome pics! Sayumi still shows her cuteness to a degree but at 29, she shows her maturity and she looks really good! If you thought that the photo book Blue Rose was good (which it was), Dream takes it a step futher, showing that Sayumi has a pretty good bikini body but she’s not as sexy as Yuko Nakazawa. Even so, Sayumi is just… well so cute!!!

sayumi michishige dream photo book sexy bikini image

Sayumi has her back turned on this one but the view from the beach is amazing!!

Sayumi Michishige Dream Photo book black dress

She’s got a black dress in this one but still very sophisticated and beautiful!


This one may be the best one of the photo session that shows Sayumi relaxing poolside!


She is sitting down here but still she is cute!!!


Posing for a photo in the sun.


Sayumi you are so beautiful now!


A back view of Sayumi Michishige and this one is well… sexy and hot!!! She has really matured and grown up.